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Nearly every cell in the human body contains a set of programmable gene-silencing proteins named Argonaute. Argonaute proteins use small RNAs (such as siRNAs, miRNAs, and piRNAs) to continuously survey the cellular transcriptome and identify genes to be repressed or silenced. Gene regulation by the Argonautes is a critical part of many physiological process, including heart health and development, memory and learning, aging and longevity, and the progression of cancer. Recent successes in the clinic have demonstrated that Argonaute's regulatory power can be harnessed as a therapeutic and used to silence disease-causing genes. 

Our lab is studying Argonaute proteins, small RNAs, and the molecular complexes they form from a structural and mechanistic perspective. Our goal is to learn to leverage the extraordinary regulatory properties of these molecules towards the further development of Argonaute-based therapeutics, which have tremendous potential for improving human health. Our efforts have led us into three main areas of research:


Protein and RNA Structure

RNA-protein condensates

Rational RNA Therapeutics


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